Our story begins with knowing our neighbours.

For five generations our family, the Hursts, have been farmers in North Otago and South Canterbury. In 1982 we met Geoff McPhail, who came from a Scottish farming family and grew up in Southland. Later, the three of us were introduced to Terry Pratley, a former Taranaki share milker, and our four families combined to form a strong partnership.

Each of us grew up in small communities full of friends and relations, where everyone knew each other and where they came from. Traditionally people made a point of knowing their neighbours well and supporting each other through thick and thin.

A small community gives a strong sense of belonging. We see this as important at any age in life but particularly as we get older.

Hurst Lifecare is our combined family business, and a place where we endeavour to replicate this small community spirit. A feeling of being valued is important for each one of us. It may be just a short exchange, but a moment of thoughtfulness or a tiny act of consideration is what Hurst Lifecare is all about.

We learned to appreciate the small things by living on the land, whether it’s a good conversation, the smell of fresh bread baking or noticing how the seasons slowly change. We believe each of us need to strive to live as well as we can and to make the most of every day, cheering on one anothers’ success, helping those who need it and listening to and acting on the dreams of those around us.
– Ian and Doug Hurst


Terry Pratley
Doug Hurst
Geoff McPhail
Ian Hurst