Our External Team of Professionals

Our facility contracts the services of additional professionals to ensure our residents have the opportunity to make the most of everyday.


External Medical Input

  • Specialist Geriatrician support is made available to our residents from the DHB.
  • Residents are able to retain their own Doctor and we subsidise the cost of this.
  • Dentons Pharmacy is our contracted pharmacy.
  • Residents have a full nursing assessment on admission.


Mary Doyle contracts a Physiotherapist who attends residents weekly.

We also have a Restorative Therapist who works under the guidance of the Physiotherapist two days each week.



We have two experienced hairdressers on site who work from our two hair salons. Appointments can be made for all residents at their cost.


Massage Therapy & Beauty Therapy

These services are both available weekly. Appointments can be made for all residents and oncharged to the resident accordingly.